The CEPD Options module, provides a way for CEPD Administrators to identify specific programs that they want to fund with their CEPD Share dollars. 

The CEPD Options page lists every state-approved CTE program within each CEPD.  CEPD Administrators are responsible for identifying the individual programs to be funded with their CEPD Share dollars.  Only those programs selected (checked) by the CEPD Administrator will receive CEPD Share dollars.

In the past, programs that received 60% State funds were “locked”, to prevent them from being chosen to receive additional CEPD Option funds.  This is no longer the case.  CEPD Administrators can now select any program in their CEPD (including programs that will receive 60% State funds) to receive CEPD Share dollars.

The more programs selected to receive CEPD Option funds, the smaller the amount of CEPD Option funds each program will receive.  The fewer programs selected to receive CEPD Option funds, the larger the amount of CEPD Option funds each program will receive.

Calculation of CEPD Option Funds for Selected Programs

The following formula will be applied to each selected program, in order to determine the amount of CEPD Share dollars generated by each individual program:

[E(a)+N(b)+C(c)]*M = PSN Formula Value

                  Explanation of Formula Components:

                  E = number of enrollees (or participants) in the PSN

                  N = number of concentrators in the PSN

                  C = number of completers in the PSN

                  a = 1 (weight for enrollees)

                  b = 5 (weight for concentrators)

                  c = 10 (weight for completers)

                  M = Cost Factor Weight (1, 5, or 10)

●    Once the above formula has been applied to the selected programs, the PSN Formula Value for each program is then summed to get the CEPD Total PSN Formula Value

●    Each program’s PSN Formula Value is then divided by the CEPD Total PSN Formula Value, which results in a fraction for each program (PSN). 

●    Each program’s fraction is then multiplied by the actual CEPD Share, to determine the amount of CEPD Share dollars that each selected program (PSN) will receive.


Explanation of Columns

Selected:  this column of check boxes is used to select programs to be funded with your CEPD Share dollars.  (Click the check box to select or deselect a program.)  All programs selected (checked) will receive funds from your CEPD Share – even programs that already generate 60% funds.

PSN:  this column reflects the Program Serial Number for each program.  (The PSN is a system-generated, unique identifier.)

CIP Code:  this column reflects the Classification of Instructional Program Code for each program.  (The CIP Code is a state-assigned code that identifies the program.)

Program:  this column reflects the state-assigned program name – specific to the CIP Code.

#Enr:  this column reflects the current number of unique students enrolled in the PSN for the school year.  The information in this column may be helpful in deciding which programs to fund with your CEPD Share.  It may also be useful in verifying the accuracy and completeness of student enrollment currently reported.

Type:  this column indicates the program type:  

                  ●    EMC - Early/Middle College program

                  ●    LTCS - Less Than Class Size program

                  ●    Reg - Standard state-approved program

60%: this column indicates whether or not the program will generate 60% funds (yes or no).

Fiscal Agency:  this column identifies the Fiscal Agency Name for each program.

Building:  this column identifies the Building Name for each program.


Explanation of Radio Buttons (Top Center of Screen)

The following radio buttons offer short cut options to assist you in making modifications to your program selections.

Select All:  this button selects all programs in the CEPD.  (Checks the box at the beginning of each row.)  Practical Use: If you want to select a large number of programs, you can choose Select All to check all programs, and then individually uncheck the programs you do not want to fund.

De-Select All:  this button clears all selected programs in the CEPD.  (Removes the check marks from all boxes at the beginning of each row.)  Practical Use: If you want to select only a few programs, you can choose De-Select to remove the check marks from all selected programs, then select the few individual programs you want to fund.

Select non-60%:  this button selects only programs that will not generate 60% funds.  (Checks the boxes at the beginning of each row in which the 60% column indicates “no”.)  Practical Use: If you want to see the programs that will not receive any funds - unless selected to received CEPD Options funds – click this radio button.

Reset:  this button will re-query the database to reflect the most recently saved set of programs that were selected.


Explanation of the Save and Export Buttons (Bottom of Screen)

Save Button:  this button saves your program selection. Once you have selected the programs to be funded with CEPD Share dollars, click the Save button to retain your selection.  (All selected programs will receive a portion of your CEPD Share dollars.) If you would like to revise your program selection (after you have saved your programs and exited the CEPD Option module), you may do so at any time during the CEPD Options reporting period.  Simply reopen the module, make your changes, and click Save to update your program selection.

Export Button:  this button generates a report that reflects all the programs you have selected to receive CEPD Share dollars.  Once you have selected and saved your programs, click the Export button to generate a report that reflects your program selection.

Current CEPD Options Due Date

June 13 ,2019