CEPD Administrators and CTEIS

Submitting New Program Applications and Selecting CEPD Options


Image of CEPD Administrator menu options

CEPD Administrators have the unique ability to submit new program applications to OCTE (see Submitting New Program Applications). Additionally, they identify the funding priorities for programs in their CEPD, designating how the CEPD Option portion of available 61a(1)  funds will be applied (see Conducting the CEPD Options Selection Process).

Reviewing and Submitting CTE Reports

CEPD Administrators are responsible for overseeing the accurate and timely submission of CTE data. The review process begins as early as August when CEPD Administrators may analyze assessment data using CTEIS report features. Throughout the school year, CEPD Administrators can expect to review the enrollment, expenditure, and follow-up data compiled by district building reporters. When the accuracy of this information has been verified by an FA, the CEPD Administrator must then review and submit the associated reports to OCTE.