Expenditures Data Review and Submission

Building reporters should submit final expenditures data for FA and CEPD Administrator approval during the first week of November. To complete the review of the Expenditures report:

  1. Log into CTEIS at www.cteis.com with your MEIS user name and password.
  2. From the left-hand navigation panel, click the CEPD Admin → Expend. Review button to open the report submission screen.
  3. Select the most recent school year available in the Select Year for Report drop-down list and, if necessary, your Fiscal Agency district from the Select Fiscal Agency drop-down list.
  4. Review the Fiscal Agency Wide Totals table, which displays your Fiscal Agency district’s currently entered expenditures and indicates whether your district has met OCTE’s requirements.

    Image of the Fiscal Agency Wide Totals table

    TIP: Green text indicates that your district has successfully adhered to the funding guidelines required by OCTE.

    If your expenditures fail to meet the required matches, CTEIS will present you with red messages warning you of potential loss of funds. Do NOT ignore these warnings—contact the PTD Help Desk or OCTE for assistance.

    At this time, you may also view and print the Fiscal Agency Wide Expenditure Summary Report by clicking the Run Fiscal Agency Wide Report button to the left of the Fiscal Agency Wide Totals table.

  5. To review the data submitted by a building reporter, click the Select link to the left of a building’s name, then click the View Report button. If the information requires editing, you may return a building’s data to the appropriate FA by clicking the Return to Bldg. button.
  6. When you are satisfied that the information is complete and accurate, click the button labeled Mark Bldg. Comp. to submit that building’s final report to OCTE.

The final Expenditures report must be submitted to OCTE no later than November 9th, 2017. Please note that OCTE uses this report to calculate total program costs and funding formulae from year to year; therefore, it is critical that districts report all Expenditure data, not just the minimum required to satisfy the Local Contribution and Program Improvement criteria. For additional details on reviewing and submitting your Expenditures report, please refer to the Expenditures Review Guide for CEPD Administrators available at www.cteis.com.



Overseeing Skill Assessment Data Extractions


Image of skill assessment extraction months


CTEIS building reporters may choose to pre-enroll students into programs affected by the assessment data extraction feature. This optional feature allows vendors to pull the student information required to set up assessment tests directly from CTEIS on four pre-determined dates, which are published on the CTEIS homepage at www.cteis.com.

Currently, the vendor Precision pulls Health Occupation program data from CTEIS in this manner. If your district plans to make use of any of these TSA extraction dates, review the UICs and demographic data of students in the associated classes prior to those dates to reduce the errors generated during the assessment testing process.


TIP: Assessment tip sheets and communiqu├ęs provide detailed information regarding assessments and are available on the OCTE website.

Assessment Analysis

CEPD Administrators may access the Assessment Analysis report within CTEIS to view a list of students who passed their assessment tests and were included in the state CPI report. This report is useful for administrators seeking to view students who have taken a skill assessment test, to review official test scores, and to analyze breakouts of passing and failing scores.


Image of the Assessment Analysis bar chart

Image of the Assessment Analysis data table

To access the Assessment Analysis Report:

1.    Log into CTEIS at www.cteis.com with your MEIS user name and password.

2.    From the left-hand navigation panel, click the CEPD Admin → Assessment Analysis button to open the Assessment Analysis report screen.

On the Assessment Analysis report screen, you will notice assessment data presented in a bar chart as well as a table. By default, the chart and table reflect information for all available buildings or fiscal agencies from the current year. You may view specific breakouts by building or year using the drop-down selection menus at the top of the screen. Press the Preview button in the top-right corner to build the report with your selections in place. For in-depth details regarding this report, please refer to the Assessment Analysis Report document.