New Users in CTEIS

To successfully work within CTEIS, CEPD Administrators will need appropriate access permissions. FAs are responsible for granting access to student data to all building reporters including CEPD Administrators, and OCTE will grant CEPD Administrators access to the appropriate buildings. To receive CEPD Administrator credentials, please contact Joan Church at OCTE.



Submitting New Program Applications

New Program requests may be created and managed online within the CTEIS application. These requests are submitted via a New Program Application, which may be accessed from the left-hand navigation panel by clicking the New Programs button. Data entry personnel with the New Programs role may also access this module.

Flow chart diagram of the New Program Application process


The New Program application process relies heavily upon the collaborative efforts of data entry personnel, CEPD administrators, and program consultants. It is important that each party understands how to submit the various sections of the application and edit them as they are marked for revision. The application process cannot be completed until all parties are satisfied that the application is complete and accurate. Please refer to the New Programs Manual - District for detailed information on new program requests.



Coordinating Expenditure and Enrollment Data Entry

Beginning in September, OCTE provides free webinar training designed to educate building reporters and district administrators on CTE data collection processes and to familiarize them with the CTEIS application. The fall training focuses on preparing for the Expenditures report that is due in November and beginning the Enrollment report, which districts must complete at the close of each school year.

During this time, it is important that CEPD Administrators:

  • Ensure that all Expenditures data is reported fully and submitted in a timely manner.
  • Assist Enrollment reporters with the proper instructional design of their courses. A Multi-Year Instructional Design report is accessible from the CTEIS navigation panel by clicking Reports → Building Reports and can help districts plan segment delivery across one to three-year programs.

CEPD Administrators are strongly advised to create milestones or schedules for their reporters to adhere to so that district data is entered steadily throughout the year rather than massively at the end of the school year. Furthermore, they should strive to make district building reporters aware of upcoming training events, prepare to answer questions, and otherwise facilitate data gathering and submission. To view the various trainings offered throughout the year, click the Register for Training link located within the Documents and Materials section at