Overseeing UIC/MSDS Data Review

As spring approaches, CEPD Administrators should take an active interest in the student enrollment data that building reporters have compiled in CTEIS. Valid and accurate student UICs must be attached to student data entries by mid-May, shortly before the submission of the spring Enrollment report.

To assist with data reviews throughout the year, CEPD Administrators may take advantage of the powerful report-building features of CTEIS and should also encourage building reporters to do the same before submitting data for review. These reports are accessible from the CTEIS navigation panel by clicking Reports → Building Reports. When reviewing MSDS issues, the following reports may help identify problematic student UICs:

  • Bad UIC ReportProvides a list of invalid student UICs.
  • UIC with No MSDSProvides a list of students with expired UICs.

For more information, please see Using Reports to Verify Data.



Conducting the CEPD Options Selection Process

CEPD Administrators are responsible for selecting local programs to receive allocations of 61a(1) funding. After OCTE has approved and added new programs to your district, you will need to ensure that you select programs to draw from the CEPD’s Share (40%) of 61a(1) funds.

Image of the CEPD Options Records grid

To select programs to draw from the CEPD’s Share of funding:

  1. Log into CTEIS at www.cteis.com with your MEIS user name and password.
  2. From the left-hand navigation panel, click the CEPD Admin → CEPD Options button to open the correct screen.
  3. In the CEPD Options Records grid, mark a program’s checkbox within the Selected column to select it to receive a portion of your CEPD’s Share of added cost funding. Similarly, you may uncheck the box if you do not wish to distribute your CEPD’s Share of added cost funds to a specific program.
  4. Click the Save button to save your changes after edits have been made. You may continue to edit your selections throughout the period of time that CEPD Options remain open.

TIP: After the CEPD Options period closes, your CEPD’s Share (40%) will be distributed proportionately to all selected programs based on the number of enrollments and completers within those programs.


For additional details on reviewing and submitting new program requests, please refer to the CEPD Options Guide.