What We Offer

Data Collection and Analysis Systems
  1. Web or Windows-Based
  2. Compliance Reporting
  3. Survey / Assessment Tools
  4. Certification Systems

Custom Development Methodology
  1. Rapid Requirements Gathering
  2. Interactive Development Cycles
  3. Modular Core Development
  4. Custom Interfaces and Reports

Technology Solutions
  1. Small Business Phone Solutions
  2. Cloud Computing Solutions
  3. Retail Management Solutions
  4. Networking Solutions

Our Work in Focus

The State of Michigan contracted with PTD Technology to provide staff training and implementation for a major deployment of a social service IT system. Based on the quality of our work, our role was subsequently expanded to include:

  1. System development
  2. Testing
  3. Configuration management
  4. Project management
  5. Operations management
  6. Help-desk operations

As a result, more children all across the state now receive the support they deserve.

For More Information

about our capabilities, or to arrange a free consultation regarding your technology needs, call Business Development at (517) 333-9363 x150 or e-mail

IT Solutions

PTD Technology specializes in the development of custom IT solutions tailored to meet business goals. With over 30 years of diverse experience, you can count on PTD being there to serve you as your business grows and your technology needs grow as well.

We're successful because we listen and understand the challenges you face. That's part of our unique Quality Methodology, which covers every step of the development process – and has ensured success for a multitude of projects in both the public and private sectors.

The expertise of our staff is a major factor, too. With proven ability to respond to complex changes in programming languages, proprietary software applications, and emerging technologies, they've earned an elite reputation among the region's IT professionals.

Nine Steps to Project Success

Our ability to deliver highly valued IT services is due largely to our unique 9-Step Quality Methodology, which has ensured successful outcomes for a multitude of projects in both the public and private sectors.

In developing major projects, our quality-control measures cover every step of the process, from conception and planning to implementation and review.

  1. Work Plan Development
    The work plan creates the foundation for tracking and managing the project. Included are each task, sub-task, deliverable, resource allocation, milestone, and decision point, as well as tracking mechanisms.
  2. Requirements Analysis
    We examine the existing business system, whether manual or automated, and detail requirements for a new system, if needed. Starting with interviews of client staff and reviews of existing documentation, the analysis eventually covers the entire gamut of possible requirements: functional, data, interface, output, integration, query, security, performance, and extensibility. Naturally, we consider re-engineering opportunities and alternate system designs along the way.
  3. Architecture Specification
    Next, we base architecture specifications on the system requirements, again identifying appropriate alternatives. Included in the specs are development and database platforms, as well as communications, server, and workstation requirements.
  4. System Design
    Our objective in this step is to produce as close an image of the proposed system as possible so that clients can visualize the system before allocating development funds. We document in detail the design of the proposed system, including table definitions; interface and report templates; and updates of processes, charts, diagrams, etc., developed during the analysis.
  5. System Development
    Client involvement remains high as system components are created based on the requirements, architecture, and design. External and user interfaces are developed, as are the database, queries, outputs, and individual program modules. We prototype each subsystem for client evaluation, and individual modules are demonstrated whenever possible.
  6. System Testing
    Using a combination of real and created data, we thoroughly test the system to uncover any flaws in development logic.
  7. System Review
    A complete review of the entire system is conducted prior to implementation with all applicable client staff.
  8. System Implementation
    User and technical documentation is developed, the system is implemented, and the users are trained. Depending on the scope of the implementation, this step may be short (one or two users in one location) or spread over time in the case of a regional or national system.
  9. Post Implementation Review
    The status of the entire project is assessed to ensure that all deliverables and objectives have been met, the system was implemented as designed, and user expectations were met or exceeded.


PTD Technology is a Technology Solutions Provider for businesses, the retail market, non-profit, higher education, and government entities. Our objective is to help our customers capitalize on their technology, ultimately contributing to increased profitability, efficiency, and the ability to provide enhanced service to their clients. PTD specializes in Custom Applications, Technological Education, Consulting, Project Management, Technical Writing, and IT Support.






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