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Our team of knowledgable analysts, architects, and skilled programmers can assist you in selecting, customizing, or developing custom software that will solve your business needs. We will use our PTD Technology Software Development Methodology. Our methodology is based upon industry and project management best practices, combined with our own experience-based enhancements. We will develop the software solution you need at a reasonable price. The PTD Technology software Development Methodology will step you through:

  1. Requirements analysis
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Integration
  5. Testing
  6. Documentation
  7. Post-integration follow-up

PTD Technology has successfully applied the methodology to the development of the desktop, Client-Server, Web-based, and mobile applications.

Large Scale Data Collection

Many organizations require the ability to collect data from constituents spread across the state, country or even planet. This is often necessary for federal/state compliance to grant recipients or researchers collecting information. PTD Technology is uniquely skilled in developing data collection systems that collect, verify, and aggregate data from numerous, and geographically dispersed sources. Further, after collecting and processing the data, we create intuitive and informative reports usind modern reporting and dashboard technologies, allowing the constitutents the ability to review and understand their own data. We have worked with both Government and Academic institutions developing intuitive applications to collect the data they need.

Web Design

PTD Technology specializes in bringing your business to the Web, allowing desktop and mobile presentation with the latest Microsoft applications. Now you can take advantage of the Web's widespread availability and centralized management structure to extend your business in a global market. In addition, PTD has successfully ported many business applications to the Web including travel and expense, weekly time and activity, medical contract tracking, and e-Commerce portals.

Report Development


Report development allows your business to gain maximum insight to your data. Our team customizes your data into a presentational format that allows your data to be easily interpreted and displayed in your chosen platform. We start with the planning phase of gathering and understanding your data and then provide a systematic planned approach for your unique and desired set of data. PTD utilizes the latest productivity tools such as Crystal Reports to Visual Studio .Net, as well as cutting edge dashboards for data presentation.



PTD Technology is a Technology Solutions Provider for businesses, the retail market, non-profit, higher education, and government entities. Our objective is to help our customers capitalize on their technology, ultimately contributing to increased profitability, efficiency, and the ability to provide enhanced service to their clients. PTD specializes in Custom Applications, Technological Education, Consulting, Project Management, Technical Writing, and IT Support.






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