PTD Technology has been a partner with local, state and the federal government since its inception.  Projects range from training departments in basic office applications to comprehensive project management plans with customized software to meet the department's needs.  As a small business technology firm, we have the ability to adapt quickly to the changing technology and business needs of the government's projects.  PTD Technology has assisted numerous agencies integrate technology into their work flow, automating various processess.  From DOS to Windows to Internet, our systems provided these agencies with tools to do their jobs better, faster and more accurately.  These tools include numerous licensing systems such as food service licensing; inspection, regulatory and compliance systems such as dairy farm inspection systems; as well as pesticide applicator and sales regulation systems.  We have also worked with HR units to provide time, active and expense reporting systems.  Most recently we provide data collection systems permitting agencies to collect vast amounts of data from state-wide constituents through powerful web applications.  Being a good business partner, our government customers have enjoyed huge ROI on these projects due to their robustness and longevity.  Some of our systems have been in place for over 15 years and still manage their tasks.

Further, we have provided numerous training and support services to our government partners for close to 30 years.  PTD Technology has held the State Master Contract training and support services since the 1980's, providing standardized and quantifiable computer training with a high measure of value and exceptional quality and consistent training using the latest available technology.  To provide the State with the best training available, our team's solution was a multi-step process over many dimensions.  Over the years, we continue to provide all the needed upgrades and each rebid we are honored to provide the best and highest quality training to all State employees.  PTD Technology's size and dedicated group of IT specialists allows our partnering with Governement Entities to support and benefit our local, state and federal technology infrastructure.

Lastly, we have been a consistent provider of high quality technical contract staff to our government partners.  Our staff augmentation division places personnel of high skill and integrity onto state projects, providing them with the short or long term resources they require.  Working directly with the agencies or with facilitators, PTD Technology is known for its high quality staff placements.


PTD Technology is a Technology Solutions Provider for businesses, the retail market, non-profit, higher education, and government entities. Our objective is to help our customers capitalize on their technology, ultimately contributing to increased profitability, efficiency, and the ability to provide enhanced service to their clients. PTD specializes in Custom Applications, Technological Education, Consulting, Project Management, Technical Writing, and IT Support.






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