PTD Technology has a long history of partnering with institutions of higher learning by bringing our proficiency in the informational technology field to assist in their custom projects.  Universities bring their resources and research minds to contribute in diverse areas that need special attention and support.  Our technology experts are able to assist these visionaires with solutions to complete their projects, utilizing all aspects of available technologies.  PTD Technology recently partnered with a university in Colorado to create and manage an innovative data collection system for the prevention and management of diabetes for an at-risk population.  Our team created a site which allows participating agencies the ability to submit their data over the span of more than 10 years.  This provided the individual agencies with the ability to monitor individuals' progress, and suggest modifications to the individual programs and their sites progress in general.  Further, it provided the coordinating center with valuable longitudinal information  to assess the efficacy of the programs in place and provide required compliance reports to support the grant from which they operated.  These functions and abilities were provided through a modern website which allowed easy, yet robust, data entry, as well as straight forward site, regional, and national oversight.  Modern reporting tools provide for intuitive and informative reports.  Through the adroit use of technology, we assist our university research partners in maximizing their efforts and results.

PTD Technology's expertise with public education stems from partnering with the Michigan Department of Education.  Most recently, we have been highly involved in Career and Technical Education(CTE).  CTE is extremely important as a means to educate students with hands-on training that will lead to marketable careers.  With the continued high cost of traditional 4 year college degrees, CTE is a place where students can learn valuable and specific skill sets and be immediately successful in the workplace.  Our statewide data collection system provides the coordinating state agencies critical monitoring and planning purposes which complies with Federal reporting guidelines.  The future of data management in Education will be a critical piece of most educational projects and PTD Technology looks forward to continued assistance in making those projects successful.



PTD Technology is a Technology Solutions Provider for businesses, the retail market, non-profit, higher education, and government entities. Our objective is to help our customers capitalize on their technology, ultimately contributing to increased profitability, efficiency, and the ability to provide enhanced service to their clients. PTD specializes in Custom Applications, Technological Education, Consulting, Project Management, Technical Writing, and IT Support.






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